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FRONIUS AW5000 MIG WELDING TORCH 0.00 Shipping 0.00 each

FRONIUS AW5000 MIG WELDING TORCH FRONIUS 4.035.605.001 AW 5000 W-E-4.5Mtr Welding Torch

High-grade watercooled welding torch for heavy duty welding applications. Suitable for a welding current up to max. 500 A. All welding torches are engineered down to the last detail to guarantee precise results and ease of use in all facets of welding. The gun has an ergonomically perfected handle means the torch sits comfortably and firmly in the welders hand, making it easy to use. All Fronius MIG / MAG welding torches are optimally matched to the entire welding system. Whether air or water-cooled torches, for manual, automated or robotic applications welding applications.

Available in the following versions

AW5000 Standard, AW5000 Up/Down, AW5000 Jobmaster and Multilock.

0.00 Shipping 0.00 each