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Sullair 0.00


This very reliable, heavy-duty model provides compressed air for pneumatic tools such as chipping hammers, jack hammers, nut runners, grinding tools and rammers.

    SK110 Jackhammer 0.00

    SK110 Jackhammer

    10.8 kg (23.8 lbs)

    • Hexagonal, hexagonal latch, or round fitting
    • 2080 bpm impact rate
    • Anti-vibration and anti-freeze systems

    Jackhammer MK250 0.00

    Jackhammer MK250

    This heavy duty air breaker is suitable for the toughest of concrete breaking works. Ideal for breaking roads, paths and concrete slabs.

    • Improved visibility.
    • Less wearing parts, so less maintenance. Greater operator comfort.
    • Less fatigue for the operator.
    • Less air consumption.
    • No on-site lubrication.
    • No freezing.
    • Ergonomic anti-vibration handle.
    • Several shanks are available.