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Barreto 13HP Rotavator 0.00

Barreto 13HP Rotavator

RELIABLE – Hydraulic Drive, no gear boxes or linkages to break.

  • COMFORTABLE/EASY TO USE – The weight and balance of the machine adds to the shock absorbtion qualities and aids stability and traction.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COSTS – Most moving parts are constantly lubricated by hydraulic fluid.
  • HARD GROUND TILLING – Separate hydraulic motors drive the wheels and tines. Wheel speed is infinitely variable to allow slow forward motion with the tines at full speed
  • TINES – Hard faced and lock out when wheels are in reverse
  • MANOEUVRABLE – Hydraulics allow full forward to reverse for ease of turning and rock removal
  • WEIGHT – And traction prevent tiller from running away in hard soil conditions
  • EASY – Controls are fingertip positioned on handle bars and easy to understand. Simple to operate, no need to lean forward
  • DEADMANS CLUTCH – Immediately shuts down all hydraulic power and all moving parts