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Stud Welding Machines

Column spot welder PTE 18 LCD, Telwin 0.00

Column spot welder PTE 18 LCD, Telwin

Telwin column spot welder PTE 18 LCD,

  • Adjustment of spot welding current (%), time (cycles
  • force of electrodes compression
  • choice of various parameters of the spot welding cycle (approach, slope, welding and pause time and pulse number)
  • easy to read LCD display
  • mechanical pedal control
  • thermal protection with indicator

230V Spot Welding Machine 0.00

230V Spot Welding Machine

TELWIN DIGITAL MODULAR 230 Spot Welding Machine

    TELWIN ALUSPOTTER 6100 115-230V 0.00

    TELWIN ALUSPOTTER 6100 115-230V

    Portable , single-phase generator with fan, for capacitor discharge welding Bolts with a diameter of 3 to 8 mm.