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Eco 165/UK Welder Generator KWS_ImageTemplate 165 UKEco 165/UK Welder Generator KWS_ImageTemplate copy  Eco 165

Petrol driven welder-generator powered by Subaru.

The first welder-generator in the 165 A-class to feature a digital display and ECO mode, environmental functions and new fibre reinforced plastic cover which has enhanced anti-shock ability and anti-corrosive features.


  • ECO Mode
  • Totally reliable performance with smooth starting and a stable constant arc
  • Safety features - RCB's fitted as standard
  • Simultaneous use of welder and AC power
  • Auto-idling system
  • Low noise levels -90 ㏈ Lwa
  • Easy maintenance
  • Large fuel tank
  • Electronic engine governor
  • EMC Approved
  • Paralleling Box
  • 2 Wheel Trolley
  • Welding Cables
  • Accessories
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each